Welcome dear visitors!

To start, the Team GoyGhost (TGG) is a team multigaming ie we Avont full of games which the team can play and can

depend on the game because we also have a youtube channel with a schedule organized by the Founder Walter Walker.

Here are the main attribuations members of the HA (High Authority)

The founder Gordon Walker is responsible for the general administration of the website of the chain and a bit of Teamspeak

The founder Walter Walker attends Gordon Walker to make videos, to planning, to model the banner of the chain and administer

The superadmin konogan22 deals mainly TeamSpeak and general administration

And other members of the staff DO THEIR JOB


visit our Teamspeak: ts8.zenserv.fr:10318

if you do not know how to install / use TeamSpeak click here tell you all this video

(Teamspeak will seem difficult at first glance but infact, it's easy MEGA Teamspeak and this medium is used by almost all the teams of gameurs)

Welcome to the official website of Team GoyGhost